An American in Paris since 2014, Stacey has been passionate about music her whole life. She was raised in California by parents who loved music. She studied piano and string bass, sang in choirs and cappella groups, and played in orchestras and musical theaters. She worked as a vocalist in Japan, then a singing bartender in NYC, while building an events management career in media and non-profit groups.

In 2015, Stacey took a break from her events career to teach English, theater and music in public and private schools across Paris with the association Sing and Play. In 2017, Stacey began leading music and English classes at the Bilingual Montessori School of Paris.

Stacey also founded Bébé Music Box in 2017 to bring Music Together's award-winning music and movement classes to families and schools in Paris. You can read the Bébé Music Box founding story on Inspirelle!


Yuki studied piano and solfège when she was young. Years later, expecting her first child, she picked up guitar because the family apartment was too small for a piano. The shy girl, who only dared to sing in the shower, was transformed when she discovered Music Together in 2012.


As she so enjoyed singing and dancing with her children, she became passionate about sharing the fun of family music. In 2019, she completed her teacher training and is thrilled to join Stacey to bring music and joy to families in Paris.

YukiがMusic Togetherに出会ったのは、まだ小さかった子供と体験クラスに参加したときのことでした。子供の頃ピアノを習い、音楽は大好き、でも、歌は専らお風呂の中で一人で歌うだけでした。そんな恥ずかしがり屋が、輪に入ってみんなの真似をして膝を叩きながらHello Songを一緒に歌った瞬間からMusic Togetherに夢中になり、2019年に講師の資格をとりました。

子供が小さかった頃の思い出の中には、Music Togetherの音楽が沢山あります。お風呂の水をたたきながら歌ったこと、歌いながら落ち葉を集めて遊んだこと、歌の最後にくすぐるところを何度も何度も歌ってとせがまれたこと。Music Togetherの音楽は日々の生活に自然に入ってきました。




Born in Paris to a Belgian mother and British father, James was raised bilingual and musical. His mother played the piano and sang lullabies and nursery rhymes as a ritual before dinner.  His grandmother was a professional pianist.


James loves playing the piano: a lot of classical - mostly his favourite, Chopin - but also pop and soul music.  

He works in Publishing and discovered Music Together as a parent with his son, who was 2, at the time. He immediately fell in love with the program and enjoyed each weekly class as much as his son!  


In 2021, James became a trained Music Together  teacher and is very happy to join Stacey in this adventure to present the wonders of  Music Together to Parisian families.

Né à Paris d’une mère belge et d’un père britannique,  James a grandi bilingue et entouré de musique. Sa mère jouait du piano en lui chantant des berceuses tous les soirs avant le dîner. Sa grand-mère était pianiste professionnelle.

James aime jouer du piano : beaucoup de classique – surtout Chopin, son préféré – mais aussi de la pop et de la soul.

James travaille dans l’édition et a découvert Music Together en tant que parent avec son fils de 2 ans à l’époque. Il adhère immédiatement au programme et s’amuse chaque semaine en cours autant que son fils.


En 2021, il suit la formation de professeur Music Together. James est très content de rejoindre Stacey pour faire découvrir aux familles parisiennes toutes les merveilles du programme Music Together.