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Shawna, mom of Lucy (2)

We started Music Together in person in 2019, and switched to online classes during the pandemic. Stacey is a gifted music teacher whose enthusiasm and creativity make music fun, and she has a way to pull kids in even when separated by a screen. My 2 year old comes running for class screaming, "yay, it's music class with Stacey!" Our time in Music Together is one of the highlights of my child's week.

Erica, mom of Sloane (4)

We were thrilled to learn that Stacey decided to bring Music Together to Paris, as we had tried out a class while previously living in the U.S. However, we hadn't anticipated just how much our daughter, Sloane, would grow to love the classes, as well as her appreciation for music and dance. Each session is dynamic, amusing, and educational; Stacey always shares tidbits that we, as parents can "take home" with us to better understand our childrens' collective development. The children have an absolute ball during class. It is no exaggeration to say that Bébé Music Box has become one of our most cherished weekend activities.

Laura, mum of Alex (3)

We have been coming to Stacey's classes since the beginning. They really offer a moment which you can share together with your child. This extends outside of the class where you join your child in a singsong or you can listen to the songs together.

Lucy, mum of Rowan (3)
and Agnes (1)

I and my two children have simply loved Music Together. The songs are just so much more musically interesting and diverse than the usual - instead of nursery rhymes, think Korean lullabies, old American folk songs, Hungarian dances - and Stacey manages to introduce ideas about beat and meter without it ever feeling even slightly didactic. Stacey’s energy and obvious love of music are infectious and super fun, and she was able to charm all the little ones in our group out of their shells, despite a range of ages and personalties. I can’t recommend the class highly enough!

Youssef, papa de Samy (2)

Samy est un fan de musique qui a trouvé dans le cours de Stacey un cadre lui permettant d’évoluer en toute confiance avec des enfants et parents animés par la même envie partager un moment de bonheur en musique. Stacey est très avenante et à su rapidement créer un lien privilégié avec lui; le rituel du samedi à donc trouvé facilement sa place dans l’agenda de la semaine. 

Nils, Dad of Camille (2)
and Adrienne (8mo)

Wir haben von Stacey durch eine Kollegin erfahren und sind zum ersten Mal alle drei zusammen zu Music Together gegangen als unsere Tochter gerade 6 Monate alt war. Das Programme ist super, Camille liebt die Musik, den Gesang, die Instrumente und spricht auf Musik auch zu Hause immer mit Fröhlichkeit an. Musik ist nun Teil von Camille’s Leben. Stacey ist fantastisch, fachlich als Musikerzieherin und menschlich mit den Kindern und mit uns, den Eltern. Wir gehen jetzt regulär zweimal die Woche zu Stacey und sind treue Mitglieder geworden. Wir können Stacey und ihren Musikunterricht nur empfehlen und wünschen allen werdenden oder seienden Eltern, dass sie die Zeit haben, ihre Kinder mit zu Stacey zu nehmen.

Lucy, Mom of Camille (3)  
and Adrienne (16 mo)

Our daughters adore Stacey’s music class! We have been going twice per week since Camille was 6 months old (she’s now 3) and it’s time that all of us look forward to. 

Stacey is a brilliant musician and music pedagog but also a fantastic group leader; the children and the parents are all at ease and the classes are totally engaging. Camille loves the music, the instruments and the interactions. We often sing the songs at home too - music has definitely become part of Camille’s everyday life.

My partner and I are huge advocates for Stacey’s classes and cannot recommend them enough.

Allison, mom of Julia (4)
and Camille (22 mo)

Music Together is a wonderful program in and of itself but Stacey makes the class come alive with her warmth, musical talent and passion for the program. Through visiting family and living abroad, I’ve been able to participate in 3 Music Together communities and Bébé Music Box is by far the most personalized and engaging one I have seen, for both children and parents alike. As a way to bond with you child and watch them learn, I can’t recommend it enough. My daughter and I both look forward to the class every week and enjoy the songs and friendships made, long after each session ends.

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